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Matchbook – Multi-platform Realtime Gaming

Have you ever thought that it would be cool if you could build a cross-platform or multi-platform game and connect from one platform to another without having to do all the heavy lifting with respect to matchmaking, communications, and related … Continue reading

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Certainly the subject of JSON processing on iOS is fairly old-hat at this point. After all, Apple has provided native support for JSON serialization and parsing since the release of iOS 5. So why bring it up now? Personally I’ve … Continue reading

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[JavaScript] Finding Equidistant Lat/Long Coordinates

Here’s a quick one that was inspired by a StackOverflow question and built using the references posted here. It allows you to compute the position of an arbitrary number of points (expressed as latitude/longitude pairs) equidistant from a given centerpoint … Continue reading

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[iOS] Jira Mobile Connect

Not long ago Atlassian released version 1.0 (now up to 1.0.7) of their Jira Mobile Connect plugin. This is a plugin for Jira (obviously) that aims to simplify testing, error-reporting, and feedback collection/management for iOS applications. Assuming that you are … Continue reading

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[JavaScript] Creating an Animated Hurricane Tracker

Here’s a fun little diversion I came up with when the news was all abuzz with information about Hurricane Irene. Now I use Wikipedia almost exclusively for keeping track of this sort of thing as I find that it consistently … Continue reading

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[JavaScript] Naming Your Function ‘$’ is not Clever

The atrocity that is the dollar function dates back at least 2005 and the introduction of the Prototype Framework. Back in those days, ‘$()‘ was simply a shorthand way of saying ‘document.getElementById()‘ without having to type all 24 characters. And … Continue reading

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Resurrecting sun.misc.Unsafe

Here’s one that only the hardcore Java hackers will enjoy. Perhaps you are already familiar with sun.misc.Unsafe. This heavily protected internal class provides access to a number of low-level memory operations and system functions that are generally hidden away from … Continue reading

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[Android] Installing Adobe AIR on the Android Emulator

I’ve got no idea why this process is so poorly documented, nor why many of the existing resources describing how to install the AIR runtime on the Android emulator are so needlessly circuitous, pointing you to links on the official … Continue reading

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[XCode] Building Universal iOS Frameworks

Here’s an excellent little project that I stumbled across not too long ago: This project provides a single installation shell script that will add a new Project Template to XCode, one that can be used to build universal iOS … Continue reading

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[Objective-C + Cocoa] iPhone Screen Capture Revisited

Awhile back I posted a handful of simple iOS utilities. Among them was a basic ScreenCaptureView implementation that would periodically render the contents of its subview(s) into a UIImage that was exposed as a publicly accessible property. This provides the … Continue reading

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