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And we’re back…

Some things I’ve learned recently-ish, over the past couple years or so: Don’t assume that SSD’s won’t/can’t fail. When buying an SSD, check what controller it uses and then get on Google to see how many data recovery providers claim … Continue reading

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[Android] Installing Adobe AIR on the Android Emulator

I’ve got no idea why this process is so poorly documented, nor why many of the existing resources describing how to install the AIR runtime on the Android emulator are so needlessly circuitous, pointing you to links on the official … Continue reading

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[Java] URL Rewriting on Tomcat (or any other servlet container)

Here is a very nice little utility I found recently on an unfortunately very difficult to navigate website. In case it’s not immediately apparent from that site what I am referring to, I’m talking about the ‘UrlRewriteFilter‘ utility featured near … Continue reading

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[Hardware] Intel Atom D510 Server Build

As mentioned awhile back, the aging server box that was being used to host this blog started to develop some stability issues and I decided to replace it with an Intel Atom based machine. After nearly a month spent waiting … Continue reading

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Code Formatting Plugin Updated

I’ve just updated the code formatting/syntax highlighting plugin used by this site to the very cool Syntax Highlighter Evolved. This plugin is a marked improvement over the previous plugin, providing such niceties as automatic non-copyable line numbers, horizontal scrolling, built-in … Continue reading

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Working FLAC and Vorbis Support in Windows Media Player

Hot off the heels of the “SMOOTH Processor” debacle, I’m faced with the task of reapplying one of my favorite Windows 7 configuration tweaks. Namely, the addition of FLAC (and also Vorbis, Speex, and so on) support to Windows Media … Continue reading

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Apache + PHP = Headache

Fresh out of installing and configuring Apache and PHP so that I could get this WordPress blog up and running, I feel there’s a topic worthy of some brief mention here. ┬áNamely, the proper (which I mean not in the … Continue reading

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