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[iOS] Jira Mobile Connect

Not long ago Atlassian released version 1.0 (now up to 1.0.7) of their Jira Mobile Connect plugin. This is a plugin for Jira (obviously) that aims to simplify testing, error-reporting, and feedback collection/management for iOS applications. Assuming that you are … Continue reading

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[Objective-C + Cocoa] iPhone Screen Capture Revisited

Awhile back I posted a handful of simple iOS utilities. Among them was a basic ScreenCaptureView implementation that would periodically render the contents of its subview(s) into a UIImage that was exposed as a publicly accessible property. This provides the … Continue reading

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[Objective-C + Cocoa] Runtime Performance Profiling

The iPhone SDK and XCode provide some very useful tools for application profiling, particularly with respect to tracking memory consumption and pinpointing memory leaks and other similar issues, but one thing which I have found lacking in the default toolset … Continue reading

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[Objective-C + Cocoa] UIScrollView and contentSize

So here’s a simple one. For whatever reason, a UIScrollView instance only behaves correctly if you programmatically set its contentSize when you use it. This is fairly silly because in most cases the contentSize is simply the total size of … Continue reading

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[Cocoa + iPhone] UITableViewCell: It’s Broken!

I present for your consideration the following screenshot: It shows a basic table-view, in which each cell has been assigned the same image (using its built-in ‘imageView‘ property). The source image is 20 pixels square, and the imageView’s ‘contentMode‘ property … Continue reading

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[Cocoa + iPhone] Unraveling Apple’s Pagecurl

First off, I encourage anyone that’s unfamiliar of this topic to read through this short but very sweet blog post on the subject (and to take a quick look at his sample code). We’ll be picking up where Steven left … Continue reading

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Android vs. iPhone; A Developer’s Comparison

So I’ve had a bit of exposure to both the iPhone and Android SDK’s, and while my impression of both is generally positive, each one has some of its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Interface Creation/Editing To begin I’ll focus … Continue reading

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