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Matchbook – Multi-platform Realtime Gaming

Have you ever thought that it would be cool if you could build a cross-platform or multi-platform game and connect from one platform to another without having to do all the heavy lifting with respect to matchmaking, communications, and related … Continue reading

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Resurrecting sun.misc.Unsafe

Here’s one that only the hardcore Java hackers will enjoy. Perhaps you are already familiar with sun.misc.Unsafe. This heavily protected internal class provides access to a number of low-level memory operations and system functions that are generally hidden away from … Continue reading

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[Java] Quarantining Request Parameters

This is a follow-up on an earlier post in which I described a method for modifying HTTP request parameters on the fly in a servlet/web application. I mentioned that the technique could be used to provide a filter that automatically … Continue reading

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[Java] URL Rewriting on Tomcat (or any other servlet container)

Here is a very nice little utility I found recently on an unfortunately very difficult to navigate website. In case it’s not immediately apparent from that site what I am referring to, I’m talking about the ‘UrlRewriteFilter‘ utility featured near … Continue reading

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[Java] Override HTTP Request Parameters

Often in a Java web-application I come across cases where it would be useful to directly override or modify one or more HTTP request parameters. To be clear, by “request parameter” I am referring to the value that is returned … Continue reading

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[Java] Defeating CAPTCHA Images

Disclaimer: Depending upon the country you currently reside in, programmatically defeating CAPTCHA images may technically be illegal. Whether or not there is any merit behind such a law I leave as a matter for you to work out with your … Continue reading

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