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Matchbook – Multi-platform Realtime Gaming

Have you ever thought that it would be cool if you could build a cross-platform or multi-platform game and connect from one platform to another without having to do all the heavy lifting with respect to matchmaking, communications, and related … Continue reading

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Resurrecting sun.misc.Unsafe

Here’s one that only the hardcore Java hackers will enjoy. Perhaps you are already familiar with sun.misc.Unsafe. This heavily protected internal class provides access to a number of low-level memory operations and system functions that are generally hidden away from … Continue reading

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[Android] Installing Adobe AIR on the Android Emulator

I’ve got no idea why this process is so poorly documented, nor why many of the existing resources describing how to install the AIR runtime on the Android emulator are so needlessly circuitous, pointing you to links on the official … Continue reading

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[Java] Quarantining Request Parameters

This is a follow-up on an earlier post in which I described a method for modifying HTTP request parameters on the fly in a servlet/web application. I mentioned that the technique could be used to provide a filter that automatically … Continue reading

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[Java] Override HTTP Request Parameters

Often in a Java web-application I come across cases where it would be useful to directly override or modify one or more HTTP request parameters. To be clear, by “request parameter” I am referring to the value that is returned … Continue reading

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[Java] Defeating CAPTCHA Images

Disclaimer: Depending upon the country you currently reside in, programmatically defeating CAPTCHA images may technically be illegal. Whether or not there is any merit behind such a law I leave as a matter for you to work out with your … Continue reading

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